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 ezra oberlin
Ezra Oberlin
 Posted: Dec 24 2015, 04:01 PM
Lawful Evil
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Lower Level
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No good deed goes unpunished.

Character Creation Form

The Set-Up
CHARACTER NAME: Ezra Scott Oberlin

Character Profile
Impatient, self-involved and sharp-tongued. It can be easy to miss Ezra’s positive traits due to his guarded and sarcastic demeanor. But behind the chip on his shoulder, lies an intelligent, tenacious and intuitive young man.

An individualist first and foremost, Ezra always ensures his own whims are looked after, as quick and as fleeting as they may be. He’s a restless soul, with a nature to under-appreciate the cards he’s been dealt, while envying what he perceives that others have. This can often lead to him feeling resentful and begrudging.

Quick-witted, deeply curious and opportunistic, Ezra is well versed in making the most of his luck. Yet he can get ahead of himself and isn’t always realistic when it comes to considering potential consequences.

Ezra can’t stand authority, nor being controlled in any way. However, loyalty is one thing he does hold dear. Once betrayed, that person will never again regain his trust. They are as good as dead to him.

Ez is a complex blend of introvert and extrovert. He craves to be accepted by his peers, yet pushes them away at the same time. He internalizes everything, always putting on a brave face, even when it kills him inside. Ezra is far kinder than he chooses to believe, though his views of himself are anything but kind.

Dread swam through Ezra’s body. He hated that he had to do this, but desperate times called for desperate measures. And these were truly desperate times. The young man stood at the gates of Hell. His personal Hell. The temp agency.

A true modern day horror story. Ez could only dream of which mind-numbingly boring office job awaited him inside. A steady source of income had always alluded Mr Oberlin. Although intelligent, he was far too restless to pursue formal education and his sharp-tongue and frustrated manner prevented him from succeeding long at any bar or store he had previously worked at. Perhaps he was just not meant to work with the general public? Or more like, perhaps the general public shouldn’t be such intolerable idiots?

A low groan escaped from Ezra’s lips as he made his way inside the building. His icy blue orbs bounced across the workplace. It was even worse than he thought. So much beige. He could practically taste the monotony.

“Err hi” Ezra announced as he neared the reception desk. His eyes continued to survey the scene, trying to match the voice he had heard over the phone earlier in the day to the woman working his case. Ez almost felt bad for her in a way. His resume was not an easy sell.

Ezra locked his gaze back upon the receptionist and offered a polite but fake smile. “I’m here to see Jane Moore. I have an appointment at ten, it’s Ezra Oberlin.”
 Posted: Dec 26 2015, 05:31 AM
Chaotic Neutral
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Upper Level
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In this game of fortune…


Ezra Oberlin

In this game of fortune...
Character Race

It's true. You held a kind soul beneath the surface. Such a kind soul that you were poised to become a Whitelighter: an agent of light. However, someone unknowingly got to you first. Supplanted dark thoughts into your head and twisted life situations against you. That hidden kindness was eventually crushed beneath the mounting pressures of the world.

Hard pressed with UNFORTUNATE luck, your brave face only held for so long before you cracked. All the internalization eventually killed you. Well, technically, you killed yourself. Your soul was then damned into Purgatory. That is, until a demon named ODIO found you and made you an offer to take all the pain and hate you developed for the world and aim it at something tangible. After making a deal with the proverbial devil, you became a demon known as a Darklighter. Working for a Council of Darklighters, you were imbued with the three basic powers of these demonic assassins.

Inherent Abilities

Firstly, you possess an empathic sixth sense that allows you to sense your human charge's emotional state and exact location (thread). This power is near limitless unless a charge is no longer living or located in certain planes (i.e. the higher planes, neutral planes or ghost worlds). This power does not help you identify the emotions or locations of non-charges. However, you can sense the presence of non-charges in your immediate vicinity.

Most importantly, you are able to identify Whitelighters. These angels share a spiritual connection with Darklighters. Whitelighters and Darklighters are able to sense each other and determine when they are in close proximity (same thread) to one another. This is why Darklighters have taken to using long-range weaponry to assassinate their angelic targets.

Speaking of long-range weaponry, within your arsenal of inherent powers is the limited ability to conjure or banish a specially crafted crossbow in a swirl of dark orbs. This crossbow fires poison tipped arrows that are extremely fatal to Whitelighters. A Darklighter’s crossbow is one of the more potent and well known means of killing Whitelighters. These poisoned arrows are capable of robbing a Whitelighter of their life within twenty consecutive in-character posts or one month in real time, whichever comes first. This poison also denies Whitelighters access to their powers.

The final inherent power at your disposal includes a teleportation power that manifests as the power to orb. With it you can travel anywhere on earth, the Astral Plane, the Otherworld, and the Underworld. The distinct nature of this power includes shifting into a magical array of dark colored lights. Your power, however, is not strong enough to breach the "dimensional walls" of restricted parallel or universal planes. It is also limited in that you cannot travel with more than two additional travelers.

Individual Powers

As a relatively young demon, you have only just recently completed training as a demonic assassin. Possessing the status of Level 4, you are a Lower Level Darklighter. Due to your limited experience you are limited in your responsibilities. Your primary assignments are to eliminate new Whitelighters or humans with the potential to become one.

Financial Status and Occupation

Like angels, you are dead to the human world and are woefully unemployed. Not to worry as Odio will keep you busy in service to her, assigning you charges and tasks to further the influence of evil in the Earth Plane - not to mention her own agenda.

As such, you have no stake within the Earth Plane and are impoverished as a result. In other words... you're broke. Though someone with your moral compass is probably not above doing whatever it takes to secure what you want.

Residence and Starting Point

Due to the working relationship between your mistress, Odio, and Corvus, the headmaster allows all Darklighters to reside within the East Cavern of the Demonic Training Academy with the students. There you have your own personal cavern.

Please post a completed biography within the Pending Biographies forum. Once your biography is approved, you will be moved into the appropriate member group, granting you permission to begin your journey at the Temple of the Underworld where you will receive a new assignment.

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